Senior Examiner / Team Leader

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Competitive salary
• Maintain up-to-date knowledge and understanding of banking and financial regulations along with relevant practices from international organizations, anticipate future developments in the sector and suggest improvements to existing regulations

• Oversee offsite analysis based on the data submitted by financial institutions, assess the performance of regulated financial institutions, their compliance to established regulations and major risks areas

• Analyze data from regulated entities using risk models and reference materials, such as examination manuals and identify areas of concern along with reviewing the quality, accuracy, and validity of data

• Utilize completed offsite analysis as the basis of onsite examinations and provide recommendations for corrective action/special examinations, as appropriate

• Evaluate findings to ensure appropriate application of methodologies, provide final recommendations whilst highlighting/distinguishing areas of concern and ensure consistency of examinations

• Coordinate the preparation of periodic reports including comprehensive analysis/assessments of the risks faced by regulated institutions, how well they are being managed, and highlights of any violations to the established rules and instructions and recommend corrective action as appropriate

• Review and evaluate reports to ensure accuracy and validity and recommend improvements to enhance reporting practices and standards followed by Banking Supervision Department

• Ensure that issues identified through the supervision process are followed up further through the examination process and that results of assessments are communicated to regulated institutions

• Recommend appropriate sanctions and disciplinary measures in addressing cases of non-adherence

• Participate in special examination and ad-hoc reviews to investigate and follow-up on suspected vulnerabilities

• Respond to requests made by regulated institutions and provide recommendations for approval

• Manage the development of new policies, regulations, and rules for the Banking Supervision Department and other relevant departmentssuch as AML and CTF

• Maintain orderly and up to date files of working papers and correspondence with the regulated institutions

• Manage the maintenance, storage, and safekeeping of information and documentation on electronic/physical solutions