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The fortune 1000 companies have established their BPOs and continue outsourcing their relevant functions. However, the smaller companies are just starting to discover BPO services. The TelniaSoft is designed to help mid to lower tier markets. We focus on how to manage the finance and accounting for single or multiunit chains. TelniaSoft provides comprehensive accounting, reporting, and payroll services. More specifically, we prepare financial statements, sales and deposit verification, bank reconciliation, accounts payable and receivable, fixed assets accounting, payroll processing, and taxes and business licenses. 

 Our value propositions unburden our clients by taking the process away which free up the businesses to focus more on their core competences. Our process enables smaller companies to become ŁbankableŁ so they can leverage it for more and faster growth. With our services, our clients are typically able to reduce operating cost between 30 to 40 percent by redirecting administrative and clerical positions. 

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