Head of Investment Appraisal

191 Ba Trieu, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi, Vietnam
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19 Jul 2019
19 Aug 2019
Contract type
Full time

A/ Objectives:
- Organizing, coordinating, and monitoring the analysis and evaluate the effectiveness of investment projects, real estate and fixed assets, marketing programs and other programs of the whole bank

B/ Key Accountabilities:
- Coordinate to organize the operation plan and personnel management of the division as approved by CFO.
- To be responsibility and be a contact point for financial evaluation of investment projects as well as the procurement of construction as real estate and other valuable assets of the banks and subsidiaries (if any). Giving advices directly to Head of Division on investment decision by in-depth analysis in decision-making process.
- Organizing, coordinating, and supervising Bank’s operation plan, annual business plan, and 5-year strategy related to Capex and Project. To be main responsible for budgeting for Capex and Project, as well as overseeing cost, and ensuring sufficient spending in planning, not overcharging and wasting resources. Analyzing factors affecting Capex and projects’ cost, make recommendations for managers about Capex and the Project’s cost.
- To be a contact point of Financial Division in organizing, coordinating and drafting documents about Council, processes, and guidelines related to project investment, construction and real estate procurement, and other great value products.
- Supervising and coordinating with other divisions to issuing and adjusting cost management methods in Capex and Project to ensure work efficiency.
- To be responsible for issuing, developing and maintain form of reports, monitoring system, procedures of investment appraisal activities for the Bank. Especially, responsible for issuing a number of specific financial criteria as criteria for every year as well as 5-year strategy. Organizing workshops for communication and persuasion as well as give specific instructions on how to implement to the Divisions in the Bank.
- Monitoring, analyzing, approving reports of investing projects, purchasing real estate and other valuable assets, marketing programs and other programs of the Bank.
- Centralized management, assessment and analysis reports on the effectiveness of investment activities, procurement and construction Real estate and other valuable assets, programs and Marketing campaigns and other programs of the Bank before and after investment. Proactively answer questions as well as requests from business units and Divisions with investment projects. Making recommendations to continue or suspend investing for the Board of Directors.
- Orienting, developing in-depth analysis reports, to support the Board of Directors in making decisions in implementing or suspending projects.
- Organizing the management of personnel and workload of the division, ensuring the integrity of the work, each position has support people.
- Other jobs as assigned by the direct reporting level.

C/ Reporting Lines:
- Direct reporting: Head of corporate business operations, AML and financial information, and CFO.
- Subordinates report directly: Employees in the investment appraisal division.
- Internal Relationship: Parts of business and support divisions, departments and centers within the Financial Division.
- External Relationship: Cooperate with outsource vendors to check prices as well as Divisions’ requirements.

D/ Capability:
1. Knowledge:
- Having a Master's degree or higher in economic schools in domestic or abroad; Priority is given to candidates with auditing and analytical practice certificates (ACCA, CPA, CFA ...).
- Understand banking activities and apply knowledge to work effectively.
- Having at least 5 years of experience analyzing investment efficiency, understanding of the Bank's professional operations well.
- Have a vision of the bank's business operations and financial control.
- At least 3 years of experience in management.
- Priority is given to those who have experience working in multinational or overseas organizations and banks.
- TOEIC >800
2. Advanced skills:
- Mastering financial expertise, especially in-depth knowledge to serve the appraisal.
- Communicate and present in English fluently and fluently.
- The ability to learn and understand specialized banking knowledge.
3. Core competencies:
- General capacity:
+ Ability to apply knowledge to work effectively
+ Ability to evaluate and make decisions and take initiative in work
+ Ability to work in groups and organizations
- Professional / specific capabilities
+ Ability of quantitative analysis
+ Ability to control costs
+ Logical thinking ability
- Management / leadership capacity
+ Leadership
+ Strategic thinking

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