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08 May 2019
05 Jun 2019
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Head of finance
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Full time

A Christian community that values, nurtures and respects every individual. A place where all are challenged to do their best, serve others, show compassion and act with integrity. Queen Mary's School.

* Strives for excellence in every endeavour

* Loves life and enjoys learning

* Nurtures spirituality and personal growth

* Respects individuality and embraces diversity

* Enhances character and builds resilience

* Creates independent young people

* Makes strong and lasting friendships

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The Head of Finance & Estates is the most senior non–academic post in the School and is responsible for the financial and operational administration of the School, ensuring financial stability and sustainability. He/she is also responsible for day to day management of all the school's premises, facilities and support services so that they meet the School's needs and operate smoothly, efficiently and legally. Working closely with the Head, he/she is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the School's business plans and as a key member of the Leadership Team plays a pivotal role in defining the School's strategy for the future.

Responsible to the Head on every day finance and operational matters, the Head of Finance & Estates is also responsible to the Governors in his/her duties as Company Secretary and with the Head for the financial and material state of the School.

Appointed by the Governors and Head, the key members of staff who report to the Head of Finance and Estates include the Finance Assistant, HR Assistant, Estates Manager and grounds staff and, in addition, the overall management of catering and cleaning contracts.

Finance and Accountancy

* Advise on financial policy, setting financial targets to maintain a viable business operation, preparing forecasts, budget planning, negotiation, setting and monitoring and cash flow projections.

* Present regular management accounts to the Finance Committee and Board of Governors.

* Keep the accounts of the School and prepare the annual accounts in accordance with the Charities' Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP)

* Prepare Pupils' bills and collect fees and extras; maintain a robust credit control system.

* Payment of all salaries and wages, including PAYE, Superannuation and National Insurance contributions and compliance with regulations for benefits in kind.

* Administering pension and other financial schemes e.g. child care vouchers, for all staff.

* Line management of the Finance Assistant to include:

* Maintenance of the Purchase Ledger for all goods and services

* Scrutinising and final authorisation for payment of all invoices

* Management of Petty Cash

* Banking and reconciliation

* Through liaison with Stables Manager produce monthly sales invoices for the Livery Stables; maintain a robust credit control system

* Monitor and control, record and reporting of School finances in accordance with the Woodard Finance Regulations including annual audit.

* Preparing financial appraisals of specific projects.

* Advising on fee remissions policy and liaising with the Head and Scholarships and Bursaries subcommittee to ensure that the agreed annual fee remissions percentage is not exceeded.

* Operating an effective means testing system on applications for means tested bursaries. Ensure that the School has adequate insurance cover at all times.

* Oversight of all contracts and leases e.g. catering, minibuses, telephony, internet Promote income generation through liaison and advice to the Lettings Manager.

HR and Personnel

* Ensure compliance with all relevant aspects of employment law and best practice, that all policies and procedures, contracts and employment documentation are up to date.

* Issue policy guidance for recruitment and employment of staff to comply with government guidelines and current legislation.

* Advise the Head on salary scales and remuneration Line management of Head's PA in role as HR Assistant including oversight of the single central register.

* Act as the Head's adviser on employment matters including disciplinary and grievance procedures.

* Take professional advice on HR matters as required.

* Manage staff accommodation ensuring that appropriate licences to occupy are signed by the tenants

Property, Facilities and Estate Management

* Overall responsibility of the school site, its security, maintenance and efficient operation

* Development of a Heritage Management plan

* Crisis response planning

* Negotiate energy supply contracts at competitive rates and promote energy conservation

* Planning and oversight of building projects

* Line and budget management of the Estates Manager to include:

oInstallation and maintenance of equipment and procedures for the detection, warning, protection and escape from fire

oMaintenance and efficiency of the installations and plant for electric and gas supply, heating, domestic hot water etc.

oMaintenance of the lighting and ventilation in the School buildings

oMaintenance of the indoor and outdoor sports equipment and other play areas

oEnsure efficient operation of the swimming pool and its plant and proper safety procedures are enforced

oOperate an effective, safe and compliant fleet of minibuses and drivers Line and budget management of the Stables Manager

oSafe operation and maintenance of the Riding Centre facility

oEnsure that appropriate licensing is in place

* Line and budget management of the IT Manager

oOversight of the IT development plan

oSafe and efficient operation of the school's IT systems

oCompliance with relevant legislation, e.g. GDPR, Acceptable Use Line and budget management of the Cleaning Supervisor

oEnsure that standards of cleanliness are maintained throughout the site

oMaintenance of the school laundry facility Oversight of the contracted catering services (Holroyd Howe)

oEnsure that catering areas meet the requirements for hygiene and food safety

oMaintenance of kitchen equipment

Compliance and Health and Safety

* Ensure that the School is a safe place for all, has appropriate risk assessment and risk management processes in place

* Ensure that the School is compliant with statutory requirements and latest ISI regulations, such as the single central register, Safeguarding and Health & Safety

* Ensure all legal, fiscal and reporting requirements of Companies House and the Charities Act and other legislation are met

Board of Governors

* Act as Company Secretary

* Act as Secretary to the Finance Committee and the Scholarships and Bursaries Committee

* Support and advise the Chair of Governors, the full board and its sub committees

* Interface with external bodies on behalf of the Board

* Together with the Clerk to the Governors ensure the timely preparation of agendas, meeting papers and minutes

Professional Development

* Keep abreast of the latest developments in the administration of schools

* Identify areas of development, support and training required for themselves and their team.

* Maintain links with other school bursars in the region e.g. ISBA meetings

Other Responsibilities

* Member of the School's Leadership Team

* Work closely with the Head to prepare and implement business plans and allocate resources and finances in accordance with policies approved by the Governors

* Liaison with Woodard Corporation and Bursars of other Woodard Schools

* Complete with priority any other reasonable tasks as required by the Head and Governors

Dates of note:

Closing date for applications: 1200 on Friday 24 May 2019

Selection Process: Monday 27 May 2019

Candidates will be notified: Tuesday 28 May 2019

First Round Interviews: Tuesday 04 June 2019

Second Round Interviews: Friday 07 June 2019

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