Accounting Manager

Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
04 Mar 2019
04 Mar 2019
Job role

Manages the accounting activities of Petromin ensuring that there is accurate and timely reporting in accordance with international and local accounting standards, rules and regulations. Is the responsible designate for all matters related to DZIT.

Coordinates and manages the response to internal and external audits.


Management of People
Manages the activities of the Accounting Department. This includes; budget development, financial management, human resources management, performance management, quality, and HSE.

Accounts Payable
Ensures that the company is aware of all of its financial obligations and that all payments are made for services provided. Ensures that continuous reconciliations are made with suppliers and service providers. Reviews daily activities and carries out a detailed check of the monthly ageing report. Receives and checks the statements of accounts of the major suppliers to Petromin including their details.

Accounts Receivable
Manages the accounts receivable function in ensuring that Petromin receivables are paid by customers. Follows up on ‘aged’ paid at the end of each month in contact with sales departments/regions. Ensures that new customer documentation is complete and accurate, determines the credit limit and payment periods before receiving VP’s signature. Investigates customer complaints and provides recommendations for further action. (One result might be to ‘write off’ outstanding amounts). Works with the Legal Advisor on any legal cases related to receivable disputes as a member of the Collection Receivable Committee (CRC). Recommends the release of blocked orders and sends to VP Finance for confirmation.

General Ledger
Manages the general ledger activities to produce accurate monthly quarterly and yearly-end financial reports. Approves all manual entries into the JVs, ensures that month-end closing takes place according to the planned schedule. Reviews all aspects of reports before issuance and submission to management. Reviews in detail and comments on, all monthly accounts reconciliations.

Works with external auditors to agree to the audit plan. Provides all required documents and responds to all audit questions.

Coordinates the work of the internal auditors. Reviews and agrees with the Audit Report prior to submission to management. Ensures that all adjustments are made as per the agreed report.

Department of Zakat and Income Tax (DZIT)
Coordinates the preparation, agreement, and submission of the yearly declarations to DZIT. Includes ensuring that versions are correct and that translated information in the Arabic version is matching. Works with the external auditors in this activity. Ensures that all information is accurate prior to submission. Responds to all inquiries.

Petromin Express
Ensures that all Petromin Express financial transactions are carried out and reported on accurately and in accordance with Petromin accounting policies and standards. Ensures that all monthly activities are imported to the corporate general ledger on an accurate and timely basis. Reviews and follows up with Petromin Financial Controller.

Archiving Project
Manages the current archiving project, following up to ensure that all documents are being fully and accurately archived. Receives, reviews and approves the issue of the monthly report on archiving.

Acting VP Finance
During periods of absence of the VP Finance will assume delegated responsibilities.


This job operates at the department head level where the only clear guidelines available relate to the month end closing. Plans are typically made on an annual basis with a quarterly review of results. This job has clear financial and administrative authorities.

Decision Making:
Can take decisions on all payments and supplier invoices and can authorize urgent payments. Can authorize the release of ‘blocked orders’.

Is the authorized Petromin representative at meetings of DZIT, (preparation of responses to DZIT questions.)