BELIZE | Accountant at Sustainable Development NGO Empowering Local Communities | 2 weeks

Exciting opportunity for an outgoing accountant to build international experience with this inspiring sustainable development NGO in BELIZE for 2 weeks+.


Based in a quiet and remote village, our partner works to promote the health and well-being of the people, the communities and the environment in the Toledo District of Belize. 

The organisation assist indigenous Mayan, Garifuna and other local community-based groups in their efforts to create and maintain economically viable and environmentally sustainable means of providing for their families. They are currently are running 2 main projects: installing solo lighting in every home in the village and distributing reading books to local children.

The NGO was initially a medium-sized organization with a number of grants and projects. However, they have been struggling for several years with a reduction in funding and staff. 

Your Role

They are seeking a pro bono accountant to help them review and streamline their accounting processes and prepare for a potential audit.  You will begin with an internal review of their existing procedures, systems and controls, making your own assessment and recommendations for best practices, taking into consideration the resources and capacity of the team.

This broad and wide-ranging assignment is a great opportunity for accountants thinking about a career move to the international development sector to get an extensive insight in just a couple of weeks.

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