Finance Manager

Cairo, Egypt
15 Jan 2019
15 Jan 2019
Job role
Finance manager
  • Set up the Accounting Policies, Accounting Procedures, Filling system, Manual system, and Electronic system under Oracle.

  • Prepare Direct Statement of Cash Flow.

  • Determine Payment and collections policies.

  • Prepare Financial Position, Income Statement, Indirect statement of cash flow and the other related financial statement.

  • Prepare financial ratio analysis and the suggestions for improvements.

  • Prepare the annual budget for all departments and prepare the variances (Favorable or Unfavorable) report with explanations.

  • Checks the budget, proper account coding, authority limit and authorization in all Invoices, Purchase Orders, requests for payments, petty cash, corrects and confirms cost center expense code allocations for vouchers & payments.

  • Monitors actual monthly expenditure against budget and takes/recommends appropriate action to deal with any adverse budget variances.

  • Assist in preparing feasibility studies for the new investment.

  • Performs any other duties as required.