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Happy Tax
11 Jan 2018
17 Jan 2018
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Happy Tax is the fastest growing tax preparation franchise in the industry. We are looking for Client Service Representatives to work with us. Tax season is almost here and with that, well have a high volume of clients who will be using our services. You will be paid hourly plus a bonus at the end of tax season. Pay is considered case by case based on many factors including your experience, your interview, your availability and your skill set.
We need EXPERIENCED TAX PREPARERS who will be taking calls from taxpayers with questions as well as calling clients to go over summaries of their refunds after a return has submitted from our franchisees in the field and prepared by our preparers and signed off by our CPA's.
This is a work from home/remote position.
What Makes Us Different?
What makes Happy Tax standout from other traditional tax preparation companies is we have patent pending technology that separates the front end from the back end of the tax preparation process. You get to focus on customer service while franchisees take care of the initial sales end and our data entry and CPA's take care of the tax prep. You will work remotely from home and can do this full or part time. (full time preferred) Bilingual is preferred as well if you speak Spanish as well.
Using Happy Taxs patent–pending technology and processes, franchisees give customers a fresh new experience with none of the hassles traditionally associated with preparing their taxes, meeting them anytime, anywhere including house calls. The franchisees then securely transmit the clients tax data to our back office and team of highly qualified processors, managers and CPAs to professionally prepare the tax returns.
If you are a tax preparer that wants to work from home and not have to meet with clients in person or do the actual tax prep data entry and have excellent phone and customer service skills, then youre the one were looking for. We look forward to discussing the job with you.
If this sounds like you, we've got your perfect job. Your opportunity to join the fastest growing tax franchise and be part of the future of the tax preparation business.
And theres room for growth in our fast growing company (fastest growing in our industry according to Entrepreneur Magazine). You may move into whatever role in the company you're best suited for (or, maybe you move into a different department you like better). We're still small at 10 people full time year round, however we scale to over 100 during tax season plus we have over 500 partners that include franchisees, area representatives and independent contractors out in the field originating returns and building our business. We have others in our 3 year old company who have started as contractors and become Vice Presidents and others who started in sales and have become Vice Presidents as well. We have no problem fast–tracking people who hustle and produce.
In fact, we not only hope you move up, we EXPECT you to move up. One of our core principals at Happy Tax is our Commitment to Empowering. We want to empower you to achieve your greatest potential.
Why should you work with us?
Were Happy Tax, and we've created a new way for people to file their taxes. Instead of spending hours in a waiting room to sit with an unqualified preparer or spending days/weeks trying to do it themselves, our franchisees meet with clients anytime, anywhere and do a convenient interview and data entry into our mobile app. They take pictures of the tax documents and send the data securely to us where we have a group of US based CPAs who do the tax prep.
Then our client services team of experienced tax professionals call the clients to answer any questions they have, walk them through their tax summary and then facilitate a digital signature for their tax returns.
This video describes our process pretty well. You can see some press about us here.
You can see some of the impact we've had on our franchisees in this story, and this one, and this one.
And you can see tax industry strategy sessions our CEO recorded here.
Why our mission matters
Our company started because a frustrated entrepreneur wanted to put all of his incredible knowledge and ideas into running a tax business, but the traditional way of owning a tax business was broken. So we solved the problem. The whole origin story is here in our CEOs book.
His business endeavors progressed over the years from doing it all by himself, to hiring a staff, to becoming a franchisee, then a multi–unit multi–state franchisee before everything culminated in the ultimate entrepreneurial model, Happy Tax.
Tax business owners just want a solution to their problem, and that's why Happy Tax exists: we are the best way for entrepreneurs to own a tax business without risky leases, costly employees or even having to know taxes themselves.
Our company has helped over 500 franchisees, area representatives and independent contractors to start their own business already, and we are growing fast. Our ultimate goal is to be the default tax preparation business opportunity for business owners and the go to tax prep service for consumers, and if we do that, we'll help create thousands of successful entrepreneurs that would never have otherwise made it, changing the lives of millions of people.
That's really exciting to us. Here is our founder talking about how we are working on this.
What comes with being part of the Team
We're not going to try to pitch you a load of corporate doublespeak about who we are. Instead, to understand what it's like to work with us, you can read real quotes by real team members about what it's like to be part of this team:
You get to be part of building something that literally changes lives. This is work that matters.
You will experience true servant leadership. Our CEO takes no salary so that he could invest more money to get the right people in the team, and he never talks about it. You will at some point in your week get a message from the CEO asking how he can help facilitate your work, and he means it.
No decisions are based on scarcity or fear or politics. What will make us better? How can we serve each other and our franchisees better? That's what we do.
You are able and encouraged to speak your truth and be fully you. Every. Single. Day.
ZERO micromanagement, and open revisions to any policy that will improve existing workflows. Every process Ive seen is thoughtful and reasonable. Anything that isnt is up for revision.
You will be measured by results. True results. This is a culture and company that values EVERY Team member, has women in leadership, and even has a CEO without a college degree. On this team, the measurement is results!
"Happy Tax has completely changed my life. They go above and beyond for their franchisees through their excellent support model and focus on customer service excellence with our clients. They are revolutionizing the tax preparation industry, allowing me to provide a service that people are catching on to and appreciate, and affording me the opportunity to make a difference in the community and spending time with my family.
"The Happy Tax business model has changed my business immensely. After spending countless tax seasons down in the weeds preparing and processing tax returns and staying up to date on tax code I now no longer have to do that. I can focus my time on prospecting for new clients and growing my business while Happy Tax CPAs prepare and process the returns for my clients. No more stress during the tax season. I just sit back, and I watch my bottom line grow. I am so thankful that I found Happy Tax!"
"As an industry veteran, former CEO of Jackson Hewitt and a number of publicly traded companies, I am really energized to be part of such an innovative tax preparation company. Mario and his team, are changing the way taxes are done." – Keith Alessi, Former CEO of Jackson Hewitt
You In? Awesome, here's the details:
Your house or office. No exceptions. Remote position
Type of Employment
Salary & Benefits
Competitive Pay: Willing to look at experienced people who use this as their "in" to the company, and can scale pay accordingly.
Company Culture
Be Part Of A Happy Team:We see ourselves as a team of people who are working hard together to accomplish a specific mission (become the default tax preparation business opportunity for business owners and the go to tax prep service for consumers), in service of a larger purpose (create time for what matters). Yes, every company says they take culture seriously...and most are full of it. We don't just talk about our culture, and then ignore it in action––we live this mission every day, and we have a pretty awesome set of principles that we live by as a team (you're welcome to check them out in the middle of this page, in fact you should, because this is the operating system for our tribe, and everyone in our company lives these principles).
Freedom: Once you're established, you can work from home, work while you travel, work in your office, make your own hours––we don't care. We only care that you produce the necessary results (that's one of our core values in fact).
Make A Real Impact: We are a small start–up (still under 20 full time year round team members that scales drastically during tax season) and you will be a major part of our team, and help shape our growth. Not only that, you won't just impact the company, you'll impact the world..... click apply for full job details