Tax Manager

12 Feb 2018
05 Mar 2018
Job role
岗位职责: 1) BSC Initiatives/projects management BSC流程/项目管理 - Assist ATR MP Leader to deliver business case of each initiative 协助流程经理对现有流程进行梳理,做到流程优化及再造 - To lead developing and negotiating service level agreements (SLA) with the BSC customers 和BSC客户协商和创建客户满意度问题(SLA) 2) Routine management常规管理 - Oversee day to day Tax Process activities to meet SLA/KPI requirements for service 检查团队的日常税务流程工作是否达到SLA/KPI的服务要求 - Lead team handle tax related process 审核税务团队的税务相关工作的完成质量 - Oversee team performance to ensure productivity levels in compliance with service level agreements 检查团队的业绩以保证满足服务协议在合规性和效率方面的要求 - Ensure proper internal controls in BSC ensuring no material weaknesses possible, and MICS compliance 确保BSC适当的内部控制,没有实质性过失及MICS的合规 - Manage the Macro Process budgets within each fiscal year 管理每个财政年度在宏观流程方面的预算 - To ensure customer satisfaction by effectively communicating and helping to meet the customer's needs and serve as the escalation point for customers 通过有效的沟通确保客户满意,并帮助客户成功 - To perform processing of complex transactions 处理较为复杂业务 - Ensure alignment to Macro Processes, Risk Management, Routine Management with Global BSC 在常规管理和风险管理方面确保和全球BSC总流程的一致性 - Implement T&M process & KPIs for BSC routines 推行T&M流程和KPI在BSC的日常流程 3) People management人员管理 - Ensure people processes operating effectively for BSC staff including OPR, performance review, development plans 确保包括OPR,绩效考核,发展计划等人事流程都得到了有效的执行 - To recruit necessary new employees to meet requirement of expansion of BSC 招募新的员工以确保BSC发展的需要 - To train all employees to make sure them work independently in limited period 培训员工以确保他们在短时间内可以独立工作 任职要求: Education教育 - Minimum University Degree本科以上 - Accounting Designation会计专业 - MBA would be beneficial 持MBA资质者优先 Experience经历 - 3 years management experience is must 至少3年以上管理经验 - 6 years experience in tax is must 至少6年以上的税务经验 - 5 years consumer product industry experience is must 至少5年的快消品行业经验 - Experience in Big 4 would be beneficial 有四大会计师事务所经验者优先 Technical competencies: (Job related) 技能: (工作相关) - Very good knowledge of Chinese Tax laws and regulations. 优秀的中国税法和相关规章的知识 - Very good knowledge of accounting practices 很好的会计实务知识 - Good working skills on MS Excel 熟悉Excel办公软件 - Result oriented leadership/Highly capable in building teams 结果导向的领导力/优秀的团队建设能力 - Service oriented mindset 良好的服务意识 - Ability to develop effective working relationships with key customers and business contacts 有能力和关键客户以及业务伙伴建立良好的合作关系 - Strong communication and change management skills 良好的沟通和变革管理技巧 - Excellent leadership and management skills 优秀的领导力和管理技巧 - Good understanding and alignment to routine management 优秀的理解及调整安排日常工作管理的能力 - Skills for streamlined & integrated organization 合理&综合的组织技巧 - Good English communication and negotiation skill 优秀的英语沟通谈判技能 - Understanding and alignment to 5S,workflow,SAP 理解5S,workflow,SAP

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