AR and Revenue Accountant

12 Jan 2018
16 Jan 2018
1. 与运营团队沟紧密合作,根据每日收款情况完成销售订单的一级释放。 Work closely with operation team for sales order 1st level releasing base on the daily cash receiving. 2. 收款查验、记账及应收核销。 Cash collection check and book, clear AR in Oracle. 3. 开具税务发票之前对系统发票信息进行日常检查。 Daily billing information double checking before tax invoice generation. 4. 增值税发票管理、开具、回传Oracle以及寄送至客户。 Tax invoices management, issue and load back to AR, VAT dispatch to clients. 5. 核查和核对和收入相关合同,根据合同、安装单、维修单等支持性文件在系统中确认或递延收入。 Check Revenue related contract, Revenue recognition or deferral in Oracle according to the contract, installation, maintenance/service contract and other supporting documents. 6.7.8. ........................ 3-5 年相关工作经验 3-5 years relevant working experience Specialized Knowledge特别knowledge知识: 英语书写水平良好,了解中美收入相关准则,有使用Oracle或SAP等ERP系统经验优先 . Good command of written English, strong knowledge of US GAAP and PRC GAAP regarding revenue, Oracle or SAP experience is a plus.