Chinatown Business Association

Contact: Lim Yick Suan

29 A/B Smith Street
S( 058943)

Tel: (65)85010321


About Chinatown Business Association

Chinatown Business Association (CBA) is set up by a group of passionate Chinatown stakeholders drawn from a cross-section of business leaders, grassroots leaders, Chinese clan associations, hoteliers, hawkers, retailers, and more. We serve the business and community interest of stakeholders in Chinatown. As a business association, we are also deeply involved in the place making process; in order that Chinatown as a precinct remains continuously vibrant and attractive for tourists and visitors to come visit and enjoy themselves.

• organize festive celebrations, events and street activities
• plan and execute the marketing and promotion of Chinatown Singapore locally and overseas
• facilitate new business collaboration or alliances between members and with parties outside Chinatown
• Curate the interesting retail mix amongst retail stalls so that Chinatown Singapore, is a culturally and heritage rich precinct with an interesting retail mix for local visitors to visit and enjoy.

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